Car Crash

There are these two gay men, named Syrel and Sessil, driving happily along in their car. As they came to an intersection, they stopped for the red light.

All of a sudden a big semi-trailer comes crunching through the back of their car!

Syrel and Sessil were really pissed!

Syrel says to Sessil to get out of the car to tell off the truck driver.

So Sessil gets out of the car and approaches the truck driver, who apparently is one huge mother trucker (tattoos and all)!

“You bloody idiot! Look at what you’ve done to our beloved car!”, exclaims Sessil. “You’re going to pay for this damage you know!”

“Suck my dick!”, shouts the truck driver.

This prompted Sessil to go back to his car, to discuss the situation with Syrel.

“I think he wants to settle out of court, Syrel.”

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