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Joke of the Day

Penis Shape Research

After much discussion the scientific community decided to try to determine why the human penis was shaped the way it was.MIT allocated a budget of $200,000 and after 2 years research decided the the head of the penis was bigger than the shaft so that during intercourse a better seal was maintained and thus preventing leakage and ensuring fertilization.Johns Hopkins Medical Center allocated a budget of $500,000 and after 5 years research decided that the head was bigger than the shaft in order to provide more stimulation, ensure ejaculation and thus allow for impregnation.The fellows over at the University of Hawaii spent $2.50, bought a copy of the latest Victoria's Secret catalog and reached the conclusion that the head is bigger to prevent your hand from slipping off!

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Random Joke

Blonde jokes

Why does a blonde keep
empty beer bottles
in her fridge?
They are for those who don't drink!

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